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Burney Consulting


Burney Consulting offers customized training and facilitation programs in both English and French. We work closely with our clients to develop relevant training adapted to the work culture of each organization. We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt to regional differences, paying particular attention to the distinct needs of the Quebec market.


Our training programs can be delivered in various formats ranging from short hourly sessions to full-day workshops.

Woman wearing light blue blouse, presenting alongside screen on which is projected presentation slid
Female speaker presenting to a group. Background slide with woman excluded from the group.
Slide on unconscious bias. Background is a profile drawing of a person with many thoughts in their h
Woman wearing flowered blouse, presenting alongside screen on which is projected presentation slides


  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Fundamentals

  • Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

  • Managing Bias in the Recruitment Process

  • Anti-Racism Allies

  • LGBTQ2+ Awareness

  • Inclusive Leadership Practices

  • Bystander Training

The current Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged us to adapt and change the way we deliver training sessions. In this virtual environment, we use a highly interactive methodology which encourages participation. Participation is a key cornerstone of learning and as a result, we utilize whiteboards, polling, chat boxes and break-out sessions, to ensure that participants remain motivated. We strongly encourage participants to keep their videos on and engage with us throughout the session. Additionally, for each session, we have a moderator who assists the facilitator at the back end, to ensure the best client experience.

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