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Burney Consulting


Burney Consulting offers psychometric testing and personalized coaching sessions based on the industry leading Intercultural Development Inventory assessment (IDI). 


We incorporate IDI assessments into our diversity & inclusion leadership training and have certified qualified administrators to provide one-on-one coaching debriefs to our participants.


Discussion with a trained administrator centered on the needs of your business and employees.


Completion of 50 item questionnaire.

One-on-one Coaching

Meet with one of our Qualified Ambassadors to go through your results and create a personalized action plan.

The Intercultural Developmental Inventory is a psychometric test that evaluates how an individual deals with similarities and differences. Do they embrace difference? Are they polarizing? The test compares where an individual sees themselves (Perceived Orientation) versus where they actually are (Development Orientation). The instrument itself has been rigorously tested and validated. The insights derived from the results allow participants to better understand their own perceptions and work towards a better understanding of others. 

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