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Burney Consulting


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Why Partner With Us?


We are a well-established Canadian-based, minority-owned, woman-owned boutique style consulting firm with global experience.


What you see is what you get! As a small firm, you will work directly with us. We bring our authentic, lived experiences and passion to our work every day.


We are fully bilingual and understand the cultural and regional nuances of working with participants across Canada.


We have decades of experience in a field that only recently gained in popularity. We have worked across several industries and sectors with employees at all levels, including executive teams.


We are authentic and trust-worthy partners. We personalize our programs and have built long-lasting, sustainable relationships with our valued clients.

Burney Consulting was founded in 2010 by Sema Burney. After working for almost 10 years in accounting and human resources, Sema decided to leave the corporate world and dedicate herself to her true passion, diversity & inclusion. In particular, she saw a need in the market for someone with an expertise in both the Quebecois and Canadian cultures. With the goal of driving change in the corporate world, Burney Consulting has a mission to assist organizations in building and fostering inclusive work environments. Over the years, Burney Consulting has moved away from compliance and D&I strategy work towards a stronger focus on training & facilitation. The organization serves clients in several industries in both the private and public sectors.

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